Chartered Structural Engineer recruited for a leading consultancy practice in New Zealand.

Location: New Zealand
Sector: Commercial- Structural
Client Request: Recruitment of a Chartered Structural Engineer
Recruitment type: Contingency Recruitment


The Requirement:    

Our client is a consultancy practice in New Zealand with several offices throughout the country. They contacted KCM through a referral as they were in urgent need of senior structural engineers with exposure to the design of earthquake resistant structures. Although they had a relatively strong global reach in terms of their own recruitment ability, they did not have much exposure to Irish/UK candidates.

The method:

The challenge with this position was simply that the design of earthquake proof structures would not be as prevalent in Ireland/UK as it would be in New Zealand. A secondary challenge was that the salaries in New Zealand are significantly less than similar positions in Australia.

KCM’s approach therefore was to advertise the roles using our standard job portals however we stated clearly the salary position and also stated that the position would be suitable for candidate’s who wanted to relocate to New Zealand for lifestyle reasons.

We were able to identify several candidates who had very strong credentials and a desire to relocate to New Zealand however they did not have the relevant earthquake design experience.

After a period of time we identified a Malaysian born and educated structural engineer who had spent significant time in the UK and was a UK passport holder. He specifically wanted to relocate to New Zealand for the lifestyle it offered his family and he had the relevant seismic experience from  his work experience in Malaysia.

Although he had other interviews set up in New Zealand at the time, he was aware of the reputation of our client and after a Skype interview and the required reference checks an offer was made and accepted.

The result:

Although it took several months to organise the required visa for the candidate and his family the candidate did relocate to New Zealand and commenced employment with our client.