COO (Chief Operating Officer) recruited for a top 5 Saudi Main Contractor involved in several multibillion dollar projects

Location: Saudi Arabia, The Middle East
Sector: Construction – Commercial and Power
Client request: Chief Operating Officer
Recruitment type: Executive Search/Headhunt

The Requirement:

Our client was a top 5 Saudi main contractor, involved in several multi-billion dollar projects. They were restructuring their senior management and KCM was contacted to headhunt a Chief Operating Officer to oversee the operations of all the companies construction divisions. The position was second only to the CEO of the company. Of particular importance to our client was that the successful candidate would have both Western and Middle East experience.

The Method:

As with all our headhunting activities the responsibility was given to a Director of KCM. Conscious that the company wanted the position to remain confidential, all advertisements for the role were carefully worded.

Utilising LinkedIn and our own contact base, several potential possibilities  were identified.

During a weekly progress meeting, another Director of KCM informed the team that he had taken a reference from a Lebanese/Greek Operations Director, currently working with a multinational American company in Libya.

KCM were involved in Libya at the time and our Business Development Director had scheduled a visit to the country the following week. He met the candidate and although the candidate was highly interested in the role, his decision was made easier a number of weeks later when the situation in Libya changed.

Our client was very keen to meet the candidate and after an initial telephone interview a visa was organised and the candidate was met in Riyadh.

Immediately an offer was made and the within a month the company had a new COO in place.

The Result:

Following the successful headhunt for the COO role, KCM also headhunted a second executive role for the company.