18 Land Surveying Professionals recruited for a Leading Australian Mining Surveying Company

Location: Australia
Sector: Mining
Client Request: Recruitment of 18 Land Surveying Professionals
Recruitment Type: Bulk Recruitment

The Requirement:

We were approached by our client through a senior referral. The client is actively involved both in Government and Mining projects in Australia. They wished to recruit up to 20 fully qualified land surveyors from Ireland and the UK, for “fly in – fly out” positions on remote projects in several regions of Australia. A number of years earlier they underwent a similar process with Eastern European candidates which was unsuccessful as the majority of them left their employment within 6 months. It was therefore important to them that KCM sourced and selected candidates that would stay for a longer period.

The Method:

With cooperation from our client KCM investigated the reasons why the previous recruitment attempt failed. KCM’s approach was to highlight to all our candidates the negatives they would encounter in working in remote areas. All candidates were screened and interviewed and detailed information sent to them so they could make an informed decision. Any candidates selected for interview with the client were both technically qualified and were under no illusions as to the environment they would be working in.

Apart from the usual methods of sourcing candidates KCM also approached Universities in both Ireland and the UK to contact relevant candidates.

Our client visited Ireland and interviewed 30 candidates over a 5 day period in our offices. Three detailed written reference checks per candidates were provided to the client prior to each interview.

20 candidates were selected by our client of which 18 accepted and relocated to Australia.

KCM managed the process including all the visa issues until as such time as the candidates arrived in Australia

The Result:

After a six month period only one of the 18 candidates left their employment and this was due to personal reasons.  KCM is now a preferred supplier of personnel to this company.